Wim Vonk


Facebook project

Wim changed his profile photo with different boys wearing his cap
Wim Vonk op facebook

Bekken and Tati on wheels

Clay drawings

Wim  is drawing ink on clay (on paper) out of the Suriname river..

Wandelen in Botopasi met mijn nieuwe tassie

bijna in mijn blote bassie..

Ink drawing

And finally one big ink drawing (1.50 x 0.75 cm)

Tekenen met de hengel

Two drawings 3.50×1.50 cm


Painting the Moon

It’s been a while..

The days are going so fast…..it.s only seven days in Amsterdam ….en Weesp.

I find it hard to leave the studio for 2 months…!!! and allthough I know I will come back with more then I went probably…!!!

Knowing myself a little bit, I started to work on some sculptures and drawings,,,and refining an installation in the back of the studio in Weesp.
I allready know I will be missing it and the Wednesdays together with Eva en Vera.

The drawing started about 3 weeks ago after our visit to Armando en Christiane in Potsdam. the impressions still resonates in the drawing.

There are some pictures I made from a sculpture that started allready 3 years ago,

During that time it has been a functional sculpture, because it caught the rain water…..(leaking seeling!)
so far the art(making) in Weesp

The practical organisation of taking this trip makes me nervous, and excited at the same time.
I like to invite my face book friends to come and see me now and then on this weblog.

So far
So Good….!
Feel free to react at Desk nr., 13 (make sure you have all the right papers) and follow the blue arrows : Gate B.