Drawing with Wim

Every day children came by and many times they wanted to draw something.. with every material available.. mostly starting with one we ended up with 6-7 children around the table. Some were good..other were better…


During the last weeks we are in Botopasi, I am teaching some people, teachers of the primary school, the lady of the shop and some others, how to use a computer. With 7 people two evenings a week we exercise on words, excel, photoshop, email, internet and so… Sitting on little chairs for children of about 8-9 years in the school we work on 4 laptops, which is quite an equipment here.. Internet is through our mobile phones and slow… but it works!! Next time we will try to organize this better with one of the two companies who are providing internet services…. We almost live under the 200m high … phonemast… ..must not be hard to get you would say…..

Saamaka Marron Museum

Today we went to the Saamaka Marron Museum in Pekin Slee. It was a very inspiring visit. The Museum, an initiative of the rastafari artist collective Totomboti, shows history and culture of the Marrons who flew from slavery.
Outside the Museum there are many sculptures of contemporary artists. Here are some pictures.

Walking back from Pekin Slee to Botopasi


Quickly to Atjoni

To do some shopping Isidoor and me went to Atjoni with the public boat. A very fast boat for only 20 SRD (5 euro). Some pictures.

Wet, wet, very wet

One night it was raining for a long time… and very hard… you can’t imagine…

Today we made a boattrip with our own boatsman. We went down the Suriname river to the end of the Suriname river, the junction into the Pikin Rio and Grand Rio at the Arawan dam. Going down we stopped at several places, little towns, a hospital, touristic hostels, and last but not least we visited the Grandman…
On our way back we got terrible rain….. but we love it!!!!!