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Botopasi Copy

Residency period at ARTCEB
June 16 – August 21, 2012

ARTCEB is an artist residency in Botopasi, one of the African diaspora villages in the expansive habitation of the Saramaccan population in Suriname. Located at the Suriname river at the edge of the Amazon tropical rainforest, a natural beautiful scenery with adventurous landscapes. An opportunity to encounter this inspiring environment in all its essence and experience working in primeval forests.

This website started in Amsterdam. It will be our first visit to Suriname so it will be full of surprises. During our residency we will keep you informed and the website will grow and maybe change a lot..

Paramaribo is on a distance of 7715 km from Amsterdam.

On this weblog we will show our work (red menu) and tell you about the life here in Botopasi. (yellow menu)


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