If you want more information about the ArtCeb residence you can have a look at this webpage http://www.artots.nl/ARTCEB/index.html or directly send an email to Isidoor Wens, artceb@artots.nl
of skype Isidoor : isidoorw.wens

PROGRAM AIRP2012  Duration total 67 days:56 days in Botopasi and 11 days in Paramaribo, capital of Suriname.
June 16, 2012 Arrival in Suriname and welcome.
Monday June 18 Departure from Paramaribo to Botopasi
July 2-11 ARTCEB Summer Academy in Botopasi – Masterclass
The Act of Drawing by Wim Vonk.
Participation for participants of the AIRP2012 is free and optional.
Sunday Aug 12 Final presentation at “GROOTE ZAAL” Botopasi
Tuesday Aug 14 Departure from Botopasi to Paramaribo
Wednesday Aug 15 Set up exhibition in Suriname Museum Paramaribo.
Thursday Aug 16 Opening exhibition featuring new work created on-site at ARTCEB Botopasi, Suriname.
August 16-18 Exhibition open to visitors.
August 17 and 19 Performances in Paramaribo.
Sunday Aug 19 Closure of the exhibition.
Monday Aug 20 Departure from Suriname.
Oct 14 – Nov 4, 2012 Overview exhibition in The Netherlands with the results of AIRP2012 and AIRP2011.